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Are you ready to get Jucee?

We want to make your skin smoother, softer and healthier using all natural ingredients

Are you ready to get Jucee?

Whether you're routine driven or time poor with your skin care, we have you covered. We're all about getting your skin softer and saving you time!

Our Scrub Me Smooth collection of body scrubs uses a unique combination of natural ingredients to exfoliate and smooth your skin. It also helps soothe red or irritated skin and will leave your body naturally moisturised.

Word on the street

Loved the texture and the scent - it felt so nice on my skin and the oils really did leave a nice after feel. Also am totally thrilled that the ingredients are natural - that's a big yes for me!


As someone who rarely does anything for their skin, it was amazing to see it go baby smooth after the shower. Was very impressed. The oil really did wonders, softer and smoother than me moisturising which was surprising.


Even after one use, my skin was visibly softer and smoother. I suffer from red and bumpy arms, it has improved the look and feel even after only a few uses. Can’t wait to continue.


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